Therése Neaimé – To Paris with Been and Gone

In her latest music video Therése Neaimé opens a unique collaboration with French movie star Tom Schacht.

After performing her latest single Been and Gone in front of an audience of 20,000 at Copenhagen Pride in August 2019, Therése Neaimé traveled to Paris to film the music video to the very same song.

– “It was an amazing week. It’s an incredible feeling to see your music spread internationally and at the same time perform in front of an audience that sing and dance along. The same weekend we also filmed the music video to my latest song Been and Gone in Paris. The commitment I felt from the film team and also from my fellow actor Tom Schacht was amazing”, says Therése Neaimé.

In the music video, the film star Tom Schacht, a Swedish actor and model with a long and successful career in France was also starring. For nearly twenty years he has played in French television series such as Les vacances de l’amour and Les mystères de l’amour. He has also participated in Swedish productions such as Advokaten (2018) and Ingen utan skuld (2018).

– “It’s an incredible feeling to see your music engage others. The passion and desire I felt from the whole film crew to actually capture on film my every though and my every feeling in this song was overwhelming. During three crazy but fun days we filmed at seven different locations. It was also great to meet the actual person behind the movie star. Tom is an incredibly warm-hearted person”, says Therése Neaimé, revealing that there are also future plans for further film collaborations with Tom Schacht.

Therése Neaimé’s latest single Been and Gone is a modern pop song with dance influences that has roots in the Swedish tradition of songwriting and music creation. It has already achieved great success in the US and Southern Europe, but also in our Nordic neighboring countries. Therése Neaimé’s music combines her Swedish and Lebanese heritage with a unique sound and she has previously released hits such as Sold To Perfection, Today Is A Holiday and Heartbeat, all of which have achieved great success in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

The music video for Been and Gone was released on September 27, 2019.