Therése Neaimé has recently unveiled a fantastic new work:

“Fools Gold” 


Youtube Live from Café Opera / Therése Neaimé release party:

Review from one of Swedens most renowned music pop blogs:

May 2022 – Therése Neaimé is no stranger to making music that seamlessly breaks the usual boundaries between genres, and her most recent studio work, “Fools Gold”, is no exception.

This new song feels like a very natural progression for the artist, and it showcases her beautiful voice, as well as her ability to constantly incorporate new ideas and evolve her sound, while still providing something really catchy and down to earth. For instance, the verses almost remind of Motown music, while the choruses have a much more modern indie pop vibe, with some amazing vocal hooks and some fantastic textures fueling the dynamics of the production to perfection. There is also room for a killer guitar solo, adding a charming organic touch to the mix!

“Fools Gold” is a great introduction to Therése, if you are new to this artist’s music. In addition to that, the song feels like a perfect match for the changing mood of the season!

Find out more about Therése Neaimé and do not miss out on “Fools Gold”. This new studio work is now available on some of the best digital music streaming services out there.

Music video to be announced shortly.

Photos and video from the official release party at Café Opera in Stockholm Sweden on Friday 20th.

For more photos from the event: