Therése Neaimé performs in South Africa at Cape Town Pride 2020.

On February 29th Therése performed as the headlining act at the largest event held in Cape Town each year, The cape Town Pride. In front of an mesmerized audience of approx. 20.000 Therése performed five of her own songs and talked about the importance of staying true to your own heart. To keep pushing for your dreams and to always go your own way nomatter what since ”Days will pass anyway”.  


– Therése Neaimé’s new single asks the questions we all sometimes wonder about.

– I think we have all felt at one point that life loses its color and that everything just feels gray and sad but at the same time it can be difficult to put your finger on what bothers you, says Therése Neaimé.

“E det så det kommer va? ” (Is this the way it´s gonna be?!) is Therése´s latest single in Swedish. The song is a collaboration between Therése herself and the songwriters Ollie Olson, Gunnar Nordén and Emanuel Olsson. Mastered by Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room. Cover photo by Stefan Lundaahl. ❤️

 “I believe life is about becoming the best version of ourselves. Following a path of excellence can be difficult, but not doing so scares me even more, Therése says. 

The song is a fine-tuned mid-tempo song that touches on the depth. Who has not invested everything in a relationship to later find out that it did not turn out as intended!?

Therése Neaimé continues to invite us into her texts written from the heart without censorship. Her sound is even more stripped down and personal than before.
– I think we decide on our own destiny and I am passionate about inspiring others to dare to take the step to a better life. To not dare, and just let life pas, would be so much worse.


Directed and filmed by Malin Nikander.
Stylist Christopher Bergström.
Edited by Lauren Asdland-Halling.
Special thanks to Mia Sjöström for press text. To Maria Lämber, Ewa Arve, Teresia Norrthon-Bergman, Tony Bergman, Agneta Rognli lending us your most wonderful locations. Not without you all!! ❤️
Released by Roland Billberg.
Clothes by Maxjenny and Twist&Tango.

Therése Neaimé – To Paris with Been and Gone

In her latest music video Therése Neaimé opens a unique collaboration with French movie star Tom Schacht.

After performing her latest single Been and Gone in front of an audience of 20,000 at Copenhagen Pride in August 2019, Therése Neaimé traveled to Paris to film the music video to the very same song.

– “It was an amazing week. It’s an incredible feeling to see your music spread internationally and at the same time perform in front of an audience that sing and dance along. The same weekend we also filmed the music video to my latest song Been and Gone in Paris. The commitment I felt from the film team and also from my fellow actor Tom Schacht was amazing”, says Therése Neaimé.

In the music video, the film star Tom Schacht, a Swedish actor and model with a long and successful career in France was also starring. For nearly twenty years he has played in French television series such as Les vacances de l’amour and Les mystères de l’amour. He has also participated in Swedish productions such as Advokaten (2018) and Ingen utan skuld (2018).

– “It’s an incredible feeling to see your music engage others. The passion and desire I felt from the whole film crew to actually capture on film my every though and my every feeling in this song was overwhelming. During three crazy but fun days we filmed at seven different locations. It was also great to meet the actual person behind the movie star. Tom is an incredibly warm-hearted person”, says Therése Neaimé, revealing that there are also future plans for further film collaborations with Tom Schacht.

Therése Neaimé’s latest single Been and Gone is a modern pop song with dance influences that has roots in the Swedish tradition of songwriting and music creation. It has already achieved great success in the US and Southern Europe, but also in our Nordic neighboring countries. Therése Neaimé’s music combines her Swedish and Lebanese heritage with a unique sound and she has previously released hits such as Sold To Perfection, Today Is A Holiday and Heartbeat, all of which have achieved great success in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

The music video for Been and Gone was released on September 27, 2019.

ÄNNU ETT ÅR (Yet another year) – VIDEO PREMIERE!

”Up close and personal with the Sweden/Dubai-based pop-singer Therése Neaimé when she invites us to the “Ännu ett År” (Yet another year) music video. The Music video was filmed in February 2019 in Vasastan/Östermalm, Stockholm, Sweden.

”All is possible!! Together with the cinematographer Malin Nicander we wanted to document everyday life, with its up and downs. Highligthing so many of the haves of today with social media and showing off that ”perfect life” knocking at our doors. We also came up with the crazy idea to film the music video in the middle of us moving from one apartment to the other. A larger one.

Malin joined me and the angels for a full week documenting our everyday life leading up to the actuall moving day. The very same day we entered our new place we also filmed our housewarming party, featuring our close friends and family helping us unpack and celebrate. A big leap for us as a family and something we fought for for a long time. All is possible.

For me, making music is about the full journey. It´s about everyday life living it to the fullest. To be here and now! Therefore I truly believe I could not have wished for a more beautiful ”documentation/video” than this one. Thank you each and everyone of you who made it possible! I hope you will all enjoy it.” // Tess ❤️❤️

Music: Therése Neaimé and Martin Svensson.
Produced by: Dan Sundqvist and Martin Svensson
Mastering by: Cutting Room

Production company – Future Records
Concept & Treatment: Therése Neaimé and Malin Nicander
DoP: Malin Nicander
Director: Therése Neaimé and Malin Nicander
Editer/Post: MotionArt
Dress by: MAD ELF ART
Make/hair: Therése Neaimé

En bild som visar person, utomhus, kvinna, kläder

Automatiskt genererad beskrivning

Released 2019 by: Yellow Rhinestone Records

Shine on like a Star – Out today on April 30th.

Stream it here:


Three stars and as many musical styles come together in the song ’Shine on like a Star’

The song is a multicultural project in which Dogge Doggelito raps, the Swedish-Lebanese artist Therese Neaime sings in English, and Hurnermend Diylar sings in Kurdish and plays the Buzuq.

– It´s an international song – global music – where three completely different styles come together in a heady mix, ” says Dogge Doggelito who, for the first time in his career, raps in English.

– We thought of all the fake news, trolls, threats, and hatred in social media when we wrote the song. It´s about how everyone wants to control and affect you, and that it´s time to think for yourself and Shine on like a star instead,” says Therése Neaimé.

It was when the three artists met up during a Mångfaldsfestival in Märsta, that they decided to collaborate on a project. They all contributed to both lyrics and music, with each bringing their unique sound based on their diverse backgrounds to the table.

The song is like a mosaic of diversity in Sweden. The different music styles enrich each other and create a more beautiful result – in the same way that, while one color is fine,  multiple colors can make a whole rainbow, ” says Hurnermend Dilyar.

The song is already getting great attention in an impressive amount of magazines in the Swedish press today. Also, don´t miss the live interview at P4 radio Stockholm at 3.30 pm Tuesday April 30th 

Hurnermend Dilyar is an internationally recognized Kurdish-Swedish singer-songwriter and musician who tours all over the world. He has released five albums of his own, as well as being a singer and musician in George Graham’s Orchestra. He works for integration in collaboration with David DJ Maytan.

Therése Neaimé
 is a singer and actor with Swedish and Lebanese roots, drawing inspiration from both cultures. She has released three solo albums, two EPs, and has toured the world over. She has achieved great success in the Middle East, as well as in the United States and Europe. She also gives lectures on social inclusion.

Dogge Doggelito (Douglas León) is an artist, actor and writer with Swedish and Venezuelan roots. Formerly the frontman of The Latin Kings, he has also released four solo records. He has fought racism since the mid-1990’s, and gives lectures on diversity and inclusion.

Text: Therése Neaimé, Caroline Gustavsson, Dogge Doggelito.
Music: Therése Neaimé, Caroline Gustavsson, Dogge Doggelito and Hurnermend Dilyar.

Produced by: Joakim Dalqvist.

Released by Yellow Rhinestone Records

Therése Neaimé – A Kiss From The Desert

A collection of the very best dance and club songs by Swedish-Lebanese singer Therése Neaimé that will be released 15th Of February 2019.

– I am so proud about this EP. It is a compilation of my favorite dance songs, all with that unique Middle Eastern signature to them. I have always been proud to call myself 50/50 since I´m half Lebanese and half Swedish and it reflects my music in so many ways, says Therése Neaimé.

Her music combines her Swedish and Lebanese heritage in a Scandipop/Arabic pop hybrid that really makes the dance floor go crazy. The singer-songwriter has released hit after hit and has enjoyed great success in the US, Europe and the Middle East over the years and charted on Music Week in the UK. Now she has collected some of her unforgettable tunes on a new EP – A Kiss From The Desert.

– These, my favorite songs, are all “my babies” and I cherish our journey together. They have formed me as an artist and mark important steps in my own personal life, says Therése Neaimé and continue to explain:

– The song Best of me, for instance, is about me asking an old boyfriend for a second chance. It didn’t turn out to be the two of us in the end, but I have the song as a memory from our time together.

Even more close to heart, literally, is her song Heartbeat.

– I wrote Heartbeat when I was pregnant with my second child and every time I sing “I can feel your heartbeat” I think of when I was waiting and longing to welcome my daughter into this world.

A Kiss From The Desert includes Therése Neaimé’s hits Lovers Lullaby, All I think about is you, Best of me, Heartbeat and How Could I.
It also includes the bonus tracks Today is a holiday, the Maximilian Tux Remix that is played by radio worldwide and charted on Music Week top 40 in the UK, as well as her latest hit Dragonfly .

Therése Neaimé – Good things are coming

Good things are really coming this Christmas as Swedish-Lebanese singer Therése Neaimé releases her new single on November 23rd 2018.

– I have always believed that anything is possible if you put your heart and mind into it. It can be a struggle and lots of hard work, but if you keep going and don’t doubt yourself you will succeed, says Therése Neaimé.

Her music combines her Swedish and Lebanese heritage in a Scandipop/Arabic pop hybrid, a sound that has become Therése Neaimé’s hallmark. The singer-songwriter has released hit after hit and has enjoyed great success in the US, Europe and the Middle East. Her unforgettable tunes like “Dragonfly”, ”Today is a Holiday” and ”Sold to Perfection” has climbed high on the charts.

– The holiday season is soon to be here and with my new song “Good things are coming” I wanted to cherish the most important things in life which is the love for our loved ones and also the importance of celebrating the holidays with love and joy.

Therése Neaimé combines her successful international career with being a single mum and she just gave birth to her third child.

– All three are my miracles, my angels, and I would do anything for them. I believe, as I write in the song, that love is the greatest gift. I´m filled with gratitude for everything that I have and I wanted to share my experience that all is possible no matter how difficult it may seem at times to reach that special goal, says Therése Neaimé.

Therése Neaimés new single is modern dance/pop track and a collaboration between Therése Neaimé, Joakim Dalqvist and Caroline Gustavsson, a gold and platinum awarded songwriter from Sweden. Produced by Joakim Dalqvist.