Therése Neaimé as featured guest star at the Stockholm International Fashion Fair 2021.

Stockholm International Fashion Fair 2021 – 4th Edition Fashion tells stories of cultures and heritage. Stockholm International Fashion Fair is a unique concept that aims to explore Cultures through fashion.

In-Ter-Art, an event and communication company founded by Imane Belmkaddem, organizes this event to promote Sweden and Stockholm as a city for the world. This years addition was held at the Swedish Nationalmuseum.

Renowned designers from all over the world was invited to market cultures through fashion.

The other angle is women’s empowerment, in which this fashion show allow different women with different shapes and ethnicities to be role models for more diversity.

As the featured guest star Therése Neaimé performed her songs ”Dance Love” and ”Today is a Holiday”.

Other special guests was The Ambassador of Japan, The Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, The Ambassador of Tunisia, The Ambassador of Thailand, The Ambassador of Malaysia, The ambassador of Argentina, The Ambassador of Indonesia, The Ambassador of Morocco, The Ambassador of Kosovo, among other distinguished VIP guests.

Designers :

Sweden: Ioaku, Taragalte Stockholm

Morocco : Fatima El hajjaji

Spain: Battaglia

Tunisia: Naksha handcraft, Soltana Couture

Dubai: Amato Couture

Argentina : Eduardo Ocantos

Serbia: Bata Spasojevik

Azerbaijan: Gulnara Khalilova

Kazakhstan: Aidarkhan Kaliev

Kuwait : Montaha Couture