Proud of my latest single now released also to Swedish radio by Playground Music Scandinavia. Please check it out together with the “Sold To Perfection (summer edit)” and also the Chemitronic club remix of the very same song. Hope you enjoy!

Much love… Tess

“OUT OF LIFE is Therése Neaimé’s second single from her album Sandstorm. The song, already on 2nd place on the Finnish radio, is written by Therése, Ali Atie and Andreas “Stone” Johansson – who already had 12 number one hits in Japan. On the B-side SOLD TO PERFECTION (summer edit) by Therése, Maria Marcus and Niclas Lundin – whose no 1 in Korea just kicked down PSY on the charts. The single also includes the SOLD TO PERFECTION Chemistronic club remix by the Canadian super duo, Chemitronic. The original version of Sold To Perfection has been playing frequently on radio and the video has been featured on both the Swedish newspaper Expressen and English TV.”