Therése just returned to Sweden after a 5-day concert tour for American and International troops in Afghanistan. For security reasons the organizers kept details of the tour undisclosed until the last moment.

After arrival in the Afghan capital Kabul, Therése gave a concert on May 16 for International troops stationed at the Headquarters of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in the center of Kabul. Soldiers from more than 30 different countries attended the performance. The next morning Therése traveled on a military plane to the city of Mazar-e Sharif in Northern Afghanistan where she gave a stunning concert in a military tent at the German-lead Regional Command North for more than 400 soldiers who were overwhelmed by her performance. Therése paid tribute to two US soldiers who were killed in action the same morning, by dedicating the song “Mother’s Pride” to the soldiers and their families.On May 19, Therése continued in a military convoy and heavily guarded by armed security personnel to the Swedish Military Camp “Northern Lights”. Minutes before her arrival, shots were fired at the Swedish Camp, but nobody was injured. The same evening she held an open-air concert for the approx. 400 Swedish troops stationed at the Camp. During her transfer with German Military to the airport of Mazar-e Sharif early next morning, the heavily guarded convoy was involved in an accident and the armored vehicle Therése was traveling in slipped off the unpaved road and rolled over. German military personnel immediately took all necessary precautions to secure the site of the accident in order to prevent possible insurgents from attacking the location. Therése’s vehicle was immediately accessed and she was rescued unharmed.

The accident delayed her arrival at the airport of Mazar-e Sharif but a Norwegian military aircraft made sure Therése arrived back in Kabul in time for the final evening concert of the tour. She performed for an audience of some 300 US troops engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom who were delighted to be hosting Therése and to witness another outstanding concert. After her performance General Andrew Twomey personally thanked Therése for coming to Afghanistan an decorated her with the medal of the Commanding General awarded for excellence.

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